Missy Elliott

We did it

We made love now you gone now you don't claim me no more told your boys.
You never knew, you never kissed or held me in your arms, how dare you
even leave, leaving I'm lying on you then you said it's all about me.
I believed cause you make believe. Hook 1:If you did it .
Boy you don't have to lie , ome you hit, then you hit it. I'm your
chick on the side, I just forget it, son admit it, don't you, don't
you dare try you done hit it. You done it more than two times. (repeat)
You changed your phone, you won't call me back, now I can't even get
in touch with you, see how you do. I never knew that you would deny
this love I'm serving you , that ain't cool. I'm hating you cause you
was the first to make a move, now you say you never knew. You make your
boys think that I'm some crazy fool. (Hook 1 repeats 2 times) You
know we did it yep we did it boy why must you lie: I drove your whip you
told me meet you outside, we had some blunts getting high in your ride,
getting mushy want some pussy. I got your biggie supply. Yeah we did it.
You was with it, that was all on your mind, then you hit it can't admit it
then you wasting my time. I won't forget it, need to quit it, put it all behind.
Why you did it, why you with it, if you gone have to lie Hook 2 repeats 2 times)
Phony, phony sex me, then you disown me, homies, told me this is how all dogs will be.
(Hook 1 repeats 4 times)


Throw your hands up

Yo, it's the queen bee and I came to say a little something on my girl Missy's shit
you see I got something to say, that's right I got a problem I got a problem with
all y'all mother fuckers out there that got a problem with us callin' ourselves
a bitch Yeah that's right I said mother fucker bitch what, you see, bitch is a strong
word and only strong bitches could use that mother fucking terminology
bitch, I mean if you can't wear the name don't try to use it shucks. Throw your hands up if
you like to get high To make a fat beat so we could party all night if you got beef
you got to take it outside. throw you wrists up and let me see your see your eyes shine (2 x)



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